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The FarmTech Award for 2019 presented to the Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund (ACIDF)

Below is the announcement made by Leanne Fischbuch on January 31

Good Evening, my name is Leanne Fischbuch, I am the Executive Director of the Alberta Pulse Growers, one of your hosts for the conference, and I am a member of the FarmTech Planning Committee.

It is my honour tonight to introduce the winner of the 2019 FarmTech Award for outstanding contribution to Alberta’s cropping industry.

This year, the honour is being given to salute an organization which contributed for 17 years to benefit farmers through its support for research and extension.

During its life, the Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd., or ACIDF, provided investment of over $111 million to projects to improve the industry and create solutions for farmer’s issues.

From inception, ACIDF, a not-for-profit corporation, was created to promote and enhance the competitiveness of the crop industry in Alberta through leadership in industry research, innovation and marketing initiatives.

On behalf of 12 signatory crop industry organizations, the Board worked to efficiently and effectively invest allocations of provincial government funding, matched with industry money, on priorities such as genetic improvement, feed quality and supply, bioproducts, exploring automation, pest management technologies, new crop development, new uses for ingredients, agronomy and integrated crop management among other topics.

The members of the ACIDF Board, who reviewed projects and made decisions, were producers like you and they worked to ensure that the needs of the sectors they represented were addressed.

The process for funding was open and transparent and working to serve the best interest of the industry.

Many of the hosts of FarmTech, plus others in the cropping sector, acted as signatories for the organization.

The industry was very fortunate to have ACIDF available during this time.

Our organizations would not be as far along in addressing issues as we are today had this organization not been here.

In speaking to some of the signatories prior to tonight, I asked what you think of when you think of ACIDF?

Their answers…

  • ACIDF was focused on farmers.
  • ACIDF was forward thinking.
  • ACIDF got the job done.

This past year, ACIDF Ltd. wound down, but its legacy of research investment, has propelled Alberta’s cropping sector forward.

It is my honour to acknowledge the members of the ACIDF Board and Staff who are here tonight – please stand and please put your hands together and welcome the last Chair of the Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd. Clarence Assenheimer to the podium to accept the 2019 FarmTech award.