FarmTech FAQ

Q: What is the FarmTech™ Foundation of Alberta?
The FarmTech™ Foundation of Alberta is a registered not-for-profit society committed to agricultural extension, specifically crop production and farm management. The members of the Foundation are the same as the host groups of the FarmTech™ Conference: Alberta Canola, Alberta Pulse Growers, Alberta Barley, Alberta Wheat Commission, and the Alberta Seed Growers’ Association.


Q: Who organizes FarmTech™?
The FarmTech™ Conference planning committee consists of three representatives from each of the host groups. The representatives include farmer/directors from each organization and staff members.


Q: How are the speakers and topics selected?
The FarmTech™ education committee is responsible for selecting all speakers. The education committee is made up of members of the planning committee plus additional representatives from across industry and government. The education committee follows these guidelines for selecting topics:

• a balance of new technology, environmental issues, agronomy and farm management topics
• a blend of big picture sessions and practical information that can be immediately put into practice
• a mixture of speakers including researchers, agronomists, farmers, and other professionals


Q: Why are some speakers sponsored by companies?
All speakers are first selected by the FarmTech™ education committee. After these decisions are made, Gold Sponsors have the opportunity to sponsor individual keynote speakers for an additional fee.


Q: Is the tradeshow open to the public?
The tradeshow is not open to the public. Only registered FarmTech™ delegates & exhibitors will be able to enter the tradeshow


Q: Is the name FarmTech™ a registered trademark?
Yes. The FarmTech™ Foundation of Alberta has the legal trademark for use of the word FarmTech™