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FarmTech 2016 video coverage

Thanks to RealAgriculture for sharing these videos recorded at FarmTech 2016. Check back for new videos as they become available

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From Oh Canada to the Power of Storytelling — Wrapping Up FarmTech ’16

Where Does FarmTech Go From Here? — Don Shepert

Predicting This Year’s Insect Pest Populations in Alberta

Growing Markets for CPS, Soft White Wheat — an Alberta Wheat Commission Update

In Conversation with Canola Council of Canada President Patti Miller

“Science Tells Us…” Doesn’t Cut It — Ted Menzies

Move Over Macro Beer, Craft Brew Coming Through

Sprayers — Why Buy When You Can Retrofit?


FarmTech ’16 — Sorting Out the Details of Bill 6 — Ag Minister Oneil Carlier

FarmTech ’16 — Loonie Moves, Lentil Acres & Best Sports Movies — Brennan “George” Turner

FarmTech ’16 — Telling a Great Story — Terry O’Reilly

Living Your Values — What Farm Managers Can Glean from Disney Success

Regaining Public Trust Through Transparency